3Ds Repair.

  • 3ds cracked top or Bottom screens
  • Game Reader repair
  • Case hinge repair
  • Touch screen repair
  • Charging port repair      

Common Ds Faults & Symptoms

Touch screen problems:

  • Screen or buttons not responding when pressed.
  • No display on damaged Ds screen, or ink is bleeding through cracks.
  • Touch panel is randomly pressing keys, (ghosting) or touch screen is inaccurate.

 Ds Charging issues:

  • Ds fails to charge when cable is inserted.
  • Cable does not fit into ds port correctly, or only charges at certain position.
  • Charge light blinks on, the flashes amber.

Battery problems:

  • Nintendo shuts off without warning .
  • 3ds Battery life lasting one hour or less.
  • Battery bloats and pushes back from ds frame.

Case repairs:

  • One or both corners are loose have snapped off from 3ds xl.
  • Top section of 3ds has no resistance.

3ds Games not reading:

  • When  game is inserted, game doesn’t load.
  • Ds cartridge keep popping out from slot.

Broken screens:

  • Ds top or bottom screens are cracked and bleeding ink.
  • Screens flickering when moved
  • 3ds turns on then turns off with slight popping sound.

3ds repair

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Getting your console to us is easy, either drop it off by hand, post it to our workshop, or avail of our nationwide collection service. Click Here for more info.

We are conveniently located in Bray town centre, just 3 minutes walk from the dart, minutes from 45, 145, 84 bus stops, and with a large car park opposite the shop on the Quinsborough Road for customers who wish to drive to the workshop. Our full address is: 21 Quinsborough Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

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