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Playstation 4 repair.

Console repairs provide a two-hour express repair service!

(at no extra cost!) on most of these PlayStation 4 (Pro) issues – broken HDMI port repair, fix disc drives and excessive fan noise (overheaing), etc. We guarantee the quickest over the counter Sony Playstation 4 repairs.

  1. Sony Ps4 (PRO) HDMI port repair:
    1. Sound but no picture (or neither) display on Ps4 console.
    2. Flickering when the PlayStation 4  because hdmi port is moved or left idle.
    3. HDMI port pins are bent or missing on Ps4 console.
  2. PS4 APU failure aka ‘blue light of death’ (blod).
    1. Sony PlayStation 4 blue light repair, Ps4 pulses constantly and never goes to white.
    2. PS4 turning off on boot up or during playing console .
    3. We will reflow the Apu using  BGA reflow machine to insure you get the best Playsyation 4 (pro) console repair.
  3. Disc drive problems:
    1. Games discs do not reading or ejecting when playing on the Ps4.
    2. PlayStation 4 games not loading. Drive is removed and repaired or replaced.
  4. PlayStation 4 Overheating problems:
    1. The Sony Ps4’s fan speed builds when playing games, the ps4 console to start overheating mainly because the console fan is clogged.
    2. Fan noise may range from moderate to very loud.
    3. Power indicator light on top of the PS4 changes from blue/white to flashing red followed by a beeping sound because the PlayStation 4 is overheating and needs to be serviced.
    4. Note – An overheating Ps4 can lead to more serious PlayStation 4 (PRO) repair. Ps4 is completely stripped and cleaned. We offer a fan cleaning service from €35.
  5. Hard Drive Issues:
    1. Error message appears on the screen or the Sony Playstation console freezes. The hard drive is tested and replaced if needed.
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PlayStation repair pricing

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Diagnostic Service/Board Inspection

PlayStation 4 repair




Stick drift repairs€30€25
Loud Speaker repairs€25
Controller Charging Ports fixed€25
Controller Batteries Fixed€25
Button  replacements/repairs€25
Hdmi port repairs (Playstation repair)€100€65€65€65
Hard drive replacements (price varies on size needed)From €90From €90From €90
Overheating service (Fan Clean or replaced)€35€35€35
Games not reading, Drive repairsFrom €50From €50From €50From €50

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