PlayStation and Xbox one hard drive repairs

Playstation and Xbox hard drive repairs

Symptoms of hard drive failure on the PlayStation and Xbox vary, sometimes they can be very apparent or not. On the Ps4 Hard Drive failure will usually cause Games or the menus to lag. The most common error code you will normally get on the PlayStation 4 is. “Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version [X.XX] or later“. This may of indicate that the hard drive is indeed damaged and needs to be replaced. This error does not always mean your hard drive has failed, this can be also caused by switching off the Ps4 incorrectly and corrupting the hard drive.

Hard drive failure on the Xbox one symptoms are very similar to the PlayStation, games will fail to load, freeze or lag, and sometimes the Xbox will power on, then turn off immediately. Another issue you may encounter hard drive failure is Xbox being stuck on the troubleshooting menu.

Thankfully PlayStation and Xbox hard drive repairs are one of our quickest repairs. Our turnaround time on all hard drive repair or replacements is roughly one hour. All new hard drives come with a one year warranty. Click here to request a PlayStation and Xbox hard drive repairs, or click the chat box on the right for instant support. A nationwide collection service for Xbox one or PlayStation 4 repairs. Simply call us on: 01 2761111 or send us your contact information and we’ll do the rest.

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