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How It Works for repairs:

1. Book In Repair, or get a quick quote,

2. Select desired shipping option

3. We'll notify you when we have received your item

4. You will be quoted before we repair your console or item

5. We send your console home

Console repairs provide a two-hour express repair service!

(at no extra cost!) on most of these Laptops. We guarantee the quickest over the counter Laptop repair turnaround times in Ireland.

  • Hard Drive & Virus issues:
    1. Laptop is slow and crashes frequently.
    2. Computer cannot find the hard drive.
  • Display issues:
    1. Sound can be heard, but no display.
    2. Picture is blurry or distorted.
    3. Screen flickers on, then off. (Backlight Issues)
    4. Laptop screen is cracked or distorted.
  • Data recovery:
    1. Internal or external hard drive cannot be read, we offer a data recovery service to retrieve your information.
  • Charging or no power:
    1. Laptop does not power on or fails to charge.
    2. Replacement laptop charger is needed.
  • Laptop Overheating:
    1. PC overheats after limited use.
    2. Fan on laptop or PC in very noisy.