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Nintendo Switch Oled repairs


How It Works for repairs:

1. Book In Repair, or get a quick quote,

2. Select either to drop off repair, or have us collect it

3. We'll notify you when we have received your item

4. You will be quoted before we repair your console or item

5. We send your console home

Nintendo Switch Oled repairs

Console repairs provide a two-hour express repair service!

(at no extra cost!) on most of these Nintendo switch oled issues –  We guarantee the quickest over the counter Nintendo switch oled repair turnaround times in Ireland.

Common Nintendo switch oled repairs.

  • Touch screen problems:
    1. Screen or buttons not responding when pressed.
    2. Touch panel is randomly pressing keys, (ghosting) or touch screen is inaccurate.
    3. Panel scratched, or cosmetic wear and tear. Touch screen is replaced and tested.
  • Switch not charging:
    1. Switch lite fails to charge when the cable is inserted.
    2. Cable does not fit into port correctly, or only charges at a certain position.
    3. Charger port is damaged and pins are bent and in needs of repair, very common Nintendo switch repair.
    4. m92t36 chip replacements. The Nintendo Switch port or chip needed is replaced, if needed.
  • Battery problems:
    1. Nintendo Switch oled shuts off without warning.
    2. Battery life lasting one hour or less.
    3. Switch lite bloating and pushes back from the frame. A new official Nintendo switch battery is fitted and tested.
  • Joy con repairs:
    1. Analogue stick is inaccurate or drifting. (joy con drift).
    2. Buttons not responding when pressed.
    3.Joy con not connecting or charging when attached to the Nintendo switch. New stick fitted and tested.
  • Games not reading:
    1. When the game is inserted, the game doesn’t load, followed by an error code.
    2. Switch cartridge keep popping out from the slot. Game card reader replaced and tested.
  • Damaged screen:
  1. Nintendo Switch screen is cracked and bleeding ink.
    2. Screens flickers or has lines running through. A new official Nintendo screen is fitted and tested.
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