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Playstation 4 no power (Ps4)

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Playstation 4 no power (Ps4)

Console Repairs Ireland provide a two-hour express repair service on a Ps4 not powering on!

(at no extra cost!) on fixing most of these Playstation 4 no power repair service –  we guarantee the quickest over the counter Playstation 4 no power repair service in Ireland.

Common Ps4 (pro) no power symptoms and solutions..

  • Playstation 4 not powering on symptoms:
    1. Ps4 (pro) console is completely dead, nothing happens when power button is pressed
    2. The Playstation 4 (Pro) powers on, but powers off after a while of play
  • Powerless Ps4 solutions to fix damaged fan:
    1. We strip down the Ps4,diagnose the issue and replace the required part
    2. The power supply is replaced if needed


Playstation 4 Fan Repairs


You can drop your Ps4 (pro) directly to our shop for our power supply repair service, or Console Repairs Ireland can arrange a nationwide collection. Our shop is located in Bray, Co. Wicklow,Ireland (20 minutes from Dublin city). Receive updates on the progress of your Ps4 (pro) power supply repair service by booking it in through our website. We also offer our 2 hour express service for Playstation 4 power supply issues.

Price list

  • Ps4 apu reflow €70
  • Ps4 Power supply repair or replacement from €65
  • Ps4 inspection Free

Playstation 4 no power (Ps4)

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