How to pack your Defective Device for shipping.

Before you send your broken item for service, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly packed for shipping. This page illustrates the recommended way to pack your product.
Note Send only your non-working product. Any other items that you send may not be returned to you.
Follow these tips and the illustrated steps below.
• Make sure you provide adequate padding around the product.
• Use a sturdy shipping box or bubble wrap envelop.
• Make sure the product fits snugly in the box.
• Never leave any cables connected when shipping.
• Always include contact information, (contact number and address).

Getting your broken device to us

Getting your repair to us is easy, simply drop it off to our workshop, post it to us, or have it collected and returned from anywhere in Ireland for €20, To avail of our collection service please contact: 01 276 2706.

If you would like to send your repair directly to our workshop, our address is Console Repairs, Novara Avenue, Bray Co Wicklow (A98 YP48