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Console repairs provide a two-hour express repair service!

(at no extra cost!) on most of these Xbox one (X) issues – broken HDMI port repairs, disc drives and excessive fan noise, etc. We guarantee the quickest over the counter Xbox Series X repair repair turnaround times in Ireland.

Common Xbox Faults & Symptoms

  • Xbox one (x) power supply problems:
    1. Console powers on, but powers off after a while.
    2. Xbox 1 (PSU) light turns from orange to red or goes dead after use.
    3. Xbox one power brick replacements.
    4. One or both of the pins are damaged in (PSU)
    5. Xbox one (x) is dead and won’t power on.
  • Xbox Series X HDMI port repairs:
    1. Sound but no picture (or neither) display on TV.
    2. Flickering when the Xbox one hdmi port is moved or left idle.
    3. HDMI port pins are bent or missing on Xbox one (x).
  • Xbox one (X) overheating problems:
    1. Fan speed builds when playing or using an application.
    2. Fan noise may range from moderate to very loud.
    3. Fan fails to operate and Xbox shuts down after a few minutes.
    4. Note – these issues should never be ignored as it usually leads to more serious Xbox problems, which can be more difficult to fix.
  • Disc drive problems:
    1. Xbox Series X repairgames do not load (read) or eject when playing Xbox 1.
    2. Disc drive makes grinding noise when the Xbox one game is inserted.
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Fault/RepairXbox oneXbox Series XXbox 360 Repairs
Hdmi port repair€65€100€50
Ear Speaker
Loud Speaker
Mic/Charging Port/Headphone Jack
Power/Silent/Volume Button
Home Button
Front Camera
Rear Camera
Full Cosmetic (Excluding LCD)