Ps4 Xbox Hdmi Port repairs

Ps4 Xbox Hdmi Port repairs.

Here at Console Repairs Ireland we have been repairing Sony Hdmi console ports since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release. Since the release of the Ps4 (Pro) and Xbox one (X) we have seen a massive increase in demand for our Sony PlayStation hdmi port repair service. Especially with the first generation PlayStation 4. The xbox one we found to be far more robust hdmi ports and we saw a lot less demand for hdmi port replacement on this model.

Hdmi port Repair


With the release of the Xbox one S and X models and the Ps4 slim (pro) we saw less demand for damaged Ps4 Hdmi port repairs. But saw more problems with the (TDP158 HDMI Remitter IC Chip) for the Xbox one X and the (75DP159) for the S models. The Ps4 slim (pro) although less, suffered similar issues with Panasonic chips ( MN86471A) used in their console.

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  • Sony PlayStation 4 (pro) Hdmi port replacement cost €65
  • Xbox one (s) (x) hdmi port replacement cost €65
  • Sony PlayStation 4 (pro) panasonic ic replacement €80
  • Xbox one (s) (x)  redriver IC replacement €80

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