Nintendo Switch charge port repair

Nintendo Switch charge port repair:

Switch charging port

Here at Console repairs Ireland we specialize in all Nintendo repairs. Nintendo Switch charging port repairs have been massive part of our repair service. The charge port (usb-c) on the nintendo switch (lite) is damaged very easily due to the amount of use they get and the general young age of the user. You will normally notice the port is loose or some of the pins might be bent back. We find also 80% of the time when the port is damaged you will get secondary damage to the m92t36 chip and PI3USB chip which can short badly and cause some board damage, these are easily repaired. Another remedy for this issue is to remove the Ac adaptor form the wall for roughly ten minutes, sometimes this works for Nintendo Switch not charging.



Using third party accessories, like chargers is rumored to cause the Nintendo switch (lite) port problems. We recommended always using official accessories when charging and docking stations. We advise our customer when using the Nintendo not to have the charger inserted unless docked. Console Repairs are now offering a two hour turnaround this service and we cover the whole of Ireland.

Click here to request a Nintendo switch (lite) charge port (usb-c) repair quote, or click the chat box on the right for instant support. A nationwide Console collection service for Playstation 5  is available. Simply call us on: 01 2761111 or send us your contact information and we’ll do the rest.

  • Nintendo switch (lite) charge port Usb-c) repair or replacement €65
  • m92t36 chip and Usb-c Port repair or replacement €80 (lite models included)
  • Usb-c port m92t36 and PI3USB chip repair or replacement €80

We guarantee the fastest Nintendo switch repair turnaround times in Ireland.

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