Playstation 4 Overheating repairs

Playstation 4 Overheating repairs

Sony PlayStation 4 (pro) openings pull air from the environment around the Ps4 console into the APU to cool the system as part of the fan cooling unit. You’ll hear the PlayStation 4 fan spinning. The Sony Ps4 overtime becomes clogged or the air supply is cut off. The console will sound like a jet engine as it strains to get proper ventilation. In very extreme cases the Ps4 console may give an overheating warning and will shut down to prevent any damage. Replacing the thermal paste with arctic silver 5 or mx4 will also help with Ps4 console overheating issues.

Preventing the PlayStation 4 (pro) from getting clogged isn’t easy, we recommend having your Ps4 (pro) serviced once every two years. They basically become air vacuum cleaners causing the PlayStation 4 (pro) to overheat. Sometimes the ps4 will overheat because the fan is no longer spinning. The ps4 will normally remain powered on for five minutes to be followed by a red light then the PlayStation 4 (pro) will overheat.


PlayStation 4 Overheating

We offer a full service repair from our Bray work shop. We strip the Sony Ps4 down for a complete fan clean an new thermal paste. Or a fan repair or replacement if needed. Our turnaround time for this fan cleaning repair service is roughly one hour to repair.

Click here to request our Sony Ps4 fan cleaning repair service from as low as €35, or click the chat box on the right for instant support. A nationwide console collection service for overheating Sony PlayStation is available. Simply call us on: 01 2761111 or send us your contact information and we’ll do the rest.

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