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Playstation 4 Repairs


How It Works for repairs:

1. Book In Repair, or get a quick quote,

2. Select either to drop off repair, or have us collect it

3. We'll notify you when we have received your item

4. You will be quoted before we repair your console or item

5. We send your console home

Playstation 4 repairs.

Console repairs Ireland provide a two-hour express repair service!

(at no extra cost!) on most of these PlayStation 4 issues – broken HDMI port repairs, fix disc drives and fan cleaning service, etc. We guarantee the quickest over the counter Sony Playstation 4 (pro) repairs turnaround in Ireland.

Common PS4 Faults & Symptoms

  • Playstation 4 HDMI repair:
    1. Sound but no picture (or neither) displayed from Ps4.
    2. Flickering when the PlayStation 4 is moved or left idle.
    3. HDMI port pins are bent (broken) or missing on Ps4.
  • APU failure aka ‘blue light of death’ (blod):
    1. PlayStation 4 blue light pulses constantly and never goes to white.
    2. PS4 turning off on boot up or during play.
    3. Screen distortion on Playstation 4.
  •  Ps4 disc drive repairs:
    1. Games discs do not load or eject when playing Ps4.
    2. PlayStation 4 games not loading.
  • Overheating repairs:
    1. The Ps4’s fan speed builds when playing or using the application.
    2. Fan noise may range from moderate to very loud.
    3. Power indicator light on top of the PS4 changes from blue/white to flashing red followed by a beeping sound the PlayStation 4 is overheating and needs to be fixed.
    4. Note – this should never be ignored as it usually leads to more serious Playstation repairs, which can be more difficult to fix.
  • Hard Drive Issues:
    1. Error message (connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation) appears on the screen.
    2. The console will fail to load or freeze during operation.

We are based in Bray, 25 minutes from Dublin City.

  • Broken Ps4 Hdmi port replacement (original model) €65
  • Broken Ps4 Pro & Slim Hdmi Port €70
  • Power supply issues from €60
  • Hard drive replacements from €80
  • Fan repair or servicing from €35
  • Damaged or broken motherboard repairs from €65


Drop into us or call us today about our Playstation 4 repair service.

PlayStation 4 Overheating



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