Ps5 powers off when playing Ps5 games

Ps5 powers off when playing Ps5 games

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries in regards to PlayStation 5 consoles turning off after some time when only playing ps5 games, not Ps4 games. The amount of time it takes for the ps5 to power off varies from fifteen minutes to a few hours, after the Ps5 has shut down most of the time the AC cord needs to be unplugged to get the PlayStation 5 to power back on. The reason the console shuts down when only playing Ps5 games we believe is because of the heavier load  on the PlayStation 5 consoles hardware. Thankfully here at Console Repairs Ireland we have found the solution to this issue in 90% of cases and are easily able to fix this issue.

If your PlayStation console if suffering any of these issue feel free to contact us via or our live webchat.

How to get your PlayStation 5 to us:

You can drop your Ps5 directly to our shop to avail of our repair service, or book a nationwide collection by clicking here. Our shop is located in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland (20 minutes from Dublin city) or a five minute walk from Bray dart station. Receive updates on the progress of your Ps5 repair by booking it in through our website.

Ps5 powers off when playing Ps5 games

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