Can a Ps4 be repaired?

Can a Ps4 be repaired?

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular games consoles in history.  However, sometimes things can go wrong with Playstation 4 console, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bid farewell to your machine. We can resolve a whole series of common PS4 problems to get your games console back in action.

Common PS4 problems

Some of the most commonly occurring PS4 faults include blinking lights, overheating, damaged or worn out HDMI and USB ports, as well as malfunctioning hard drives. The so-called “Blue Line of Death” is one of the most serious problems reported in our Norwich PS4 repair shop, but even this can be overcome.

What is the PS4 blue light of death?

The crippling blue light of death is seen when the video output consequently fails. The machine subsequently switches off. The cause can be from the power supply cable, hard drive, corroded solder joints or related to the PS4 logic board.

What does the blue light of death look like?

The blue light of death is so called because it looks like a blinking blue light in the centre of the PS4 console. Instead of a solid colour, the blue LED strip flashes on and off.

How do you fix the blue light of death?

This PS4 problem can indicate a host of hardware and also software problems, some of which are more worrying than others. We certainly have great experience in resolving this PS4 issue and will diagnose the cause and discuss a solution.

Other fix PS4 problems that we can help with

We can also help if ports, such as the HDMI or USB, are no longer working. Furthermore, if the power supply isn’t operating as it should, we can certainly help restore it.

In addition, if the hard drive, logic board or fan need replacing, we can repair those as well. What’s more, we also help resolve problems like damaged DualShock 4 controllers, PS Network connectivity issues, auto-ejecting discs, failure to eject discs, “bricked” consoles, crashing and freezing.

We offer complimentary diagnostic tests prior to PS4 repairs to get to the root of the problem.

Can a broken PS4 HDMI port be fixed?

A broken PS4 HDMI port is quite easily done due to the nature of the pins, which can easily get stuck and snap. A fix PS4 HDMI port repair is possible though by a professional with the correct tools and soldering skills.

How much does it cost to fix a PS4 HDMI port?

The cost to fix a PS4 HDMI port starts from €65 including installation and vat.


Ps4 Hdmi port Repair


What is the red line of death?

The PS4 sometimes shows what’s been called the “Red Line of Death.” This common PS4 problem sees the LED indicator light repeatedly flashing before the console closes down.

In this state, the PS4 console is overheating and needs to be shut down and rested to cool. What’s more, make sure that the console is used on a hard, flat surface in a well-ventilated area.

If this is a constant issue then the PS4 console could have a fan or thermal paste problem. A professional PS4 repair technician with the correct diagnostic equipment and tools can certainly remedy the red line of death error.

Restore your PS4 back to life

Our Norwich PS4 repair shop has been carrying out gaming console repairs for many years. We have the expertise and skills needed to fix PS4 problems of all kinds.

More and more people are choosing us when they want to fix a Playstation 4.We repair the Original PS4 console if you need to fix that machine. In addition we also fix PS4 Slim if you have that console. Furthermore, we also repair PS4 Pro games consoles to remedy issues with that machine.

Whether you need a PS overheating fix, PS fixing near me, PS4 HDMI repair, servicing for PS4, PS4 fan replacement or anything else related to your PlayStation 4, get in touch today.

We will do all we can to meet your needs and put things right. There’s no need to go anywhere else when you need PS4 repairs in Ireland.

Gamers love the Playstation 4

The PS4 may have been around for many years, but it remains one of the industry’s most-loved consoles. The machine has received a few tweaks since it was first released and has also spawned editions like the PS4 Pro and Slim.

The PS4 has been credited with perfecting the art of the downloadable game and many titles are PS Exclusives, which means they aren’t available for any other console. Although the PS5 is on its way, industry experts predict that future titles will be coming to the PS4 as well as the forthcoming console. It seems there’s still a lot of life left in the iconic PS4.

Fix the most common PlayStation 4 issues

Prolong the life of your console by booking a PS4 repair in Ireland today.

Click here to request our Sony Ps4 repair service from as low as €35, or click the chat box on the right for instant support. A nationwide console collection service for overheating Sony PlayStation is available. Simply call us on: 01 2761111 or send us your contact information and we’ll do the rest.


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